Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hanging Around

Here are just a few random pictures :)
The other day the girls both wanted to lay on the couch and watch a movie (getting over jet lag)... I thought they were so cute!!!
Here's a pic of Aashini & me at the mall this past weekend :)
I LOVE this picture! Aashini cracks me up!! This past Sunday after chuch we decided to go out to lunch. We were going to go get pizza (one of Aashini's favorites) but asked her if she'd rather have South Asian Food or Pizza... she chose South Asian food :) This is what she picked instead of Pizza :) She was super happy :) I asked her to smile for a picture and she kept making this face :) She said this was the face I made in pictures - hahaha! :)


Emily said... that puri I see? Smart girl, Aashini!

Erin G said...

Nathan loves to make fun of (and then copy) my "picture face" too. :)