Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun Friends :)

A few of our fun friends have been in town lately so we've had fun hanging out!
The other day our good friends from M-town were in our city, so we met up at the mall so the kids could play and we could hang out :)
Then this past week some of our friends from New Orleans were in our country! The last time we saw them, none of us had kids! Now, between the two of us there are 6 kids! hahaha! Awesome :)
The kids had a great time playing together.
We went to the mall and let them play, then we had dinner at Chili's!
... hanging out in Chili's... Our Chili's has 3 of it's walls made out of glass... you kinda feel like you're in a fish bowl sometimes :) haha!
Here are all of the kids (minus one) :)
Afterwards we went to the fun bookstore/music/movies/toys store that is near Chili's. Aashini was playing this tennis game (hard to tell from this terrible picture)... but she was actually playing really well!
Yay for fun friends! :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

Too fun! I love it when fun friends come to town!

Kelley C said...

I love those fun friends! That is the best part about living in your city- all those fabulous people that come through.