Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bunkbeds!!!!

We moved the girls into the bunkbeds this past week!!! We were tired of having the pack-n-play in their room (there wasn't much room and it was sorta in the way)... so we bumped Aashini up to the top bunk and put Diya in the bottom bunk in a "big girl bed" :) Diya LOVES her new bed!!!! She really loves it! She fell out of bed (onto big pillows) a couple of times the first night but since then she hasn't fallen. She only got out of bed once the first night and once since then (after putting her to bed) but that's it! They've done really great!!!

Here's Diya in her bed :) (Oh! and check out the cute quilts my mom made for their beds!!)
Here are the girls in their bed! They're so big!!!!!!


Brandon and April said...

Can't believe how big your girls are getting! As we're waiting here in BKK I think of you often! I'll be sure and think of you when we head to Outback this week!! :)

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

I think finding bunk beds for mine will be my next project. So cute! (And so fun to have a homemade quilt!)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Have fun April!!! Have fun at Outback :) haha! YUM!

Emily said...

It looks awesome! I'm so impressed Diya is staying in the bed - we actually had to reswitch Annabel's bed back to a crib. I want to see pics of what you've done to the rest of your house...especially the pink room. :)