Monday, August 15, 2011

Independence Day!

Today is Independence day here ;) Aashini had celebrations at school on Friday and we've had other opportunities to celebrate since then too. It's been fun! Here's Aashini beating the drum at school :)Here's a video of Aashini singing the National Anthem. It's not perfect but I think it's cute :)

Here is one of Aashini's schoolmates... I thought he looked really cute :)Here's Diya holding her own on the slide :) haha! She wasn't about to let that boy rush her on the stairs :) haha!
Hope everyone had a fun Independence Day :)


Jonathan said...

Kiran and I just watched it, and Kiran says, "I liked the national anthem that you sang. And I like your voice too. And I love you."

Adam SheF said...

That's so cute!

Emily said...

Aw Kiran is so sweet!
And that annoyed face that Diya is giving is hilarious!