Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Fun!

Aashini is back to school after a long summer break! She missed a few weeks of school, so she was a little behind when she got here, but she is almost caught up with everything :) She's learning to write all of her ABCs and numbers. She has homework about 3 days a week. She has a school presentation (speaking competition) coming up this Monday (don't worry, it will be well documented) :)

Anyway, after school when we (or one of us) picks up Aashini, we usually let her and Diya play at the school's outside play ground for a few minutes before taking her home (they have an inside playground too - it's really cool!!).
Just thought I'd show you some pics of the girls playing :) You can see Aashini in this picture (she's in the one above but you can't really see her :) haha!)
Diya loves it too! She can't wait until she's big enough to go to school!! :)

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