Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Food!!!!

Diya had food for the first time this week!!! She has REALLY been wanting food! She's hungry all the time. Whenever we eat, she follows our food and licks her lips.... she really wanted to eat! She was wanting to eat every hour for over a week, and she 5 months (I'll post those pics soon), so we thought it was time for her. I thought I would wait for 6 months, but I was kinda tired of having to feed her every hour :)
So... here she is before eating :)
When we first gave Aashini food, she kinda spit most of it out and took a couple of weeks to really "get it", so I was expecting Diya to be the same way. The minute I put the spoon up to her mouth, she slurped the entire spoonful up and wanted more!
Not a great picture, but I thought it was a funny face :)
She LOVED it!
This picture makes me laugh :) I love her little tongue sticking out :)
All Done! She cleaned the bowl!
I think Aashini was jealous of all the pictures we were taking of Diya and wanted us to take a picture of her too :) She said: "Ni-Ni's Turn!"
Right now Diya's favorite food is Avocados & Bananas mixed :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Girls!

Here are a couple pictures of the girls :)
Diya is getting BIG (post on that soon). She's almost too big to be carried in the sling like this anymore ;) She likes to have her feet out now :) So funny ;)
I love it ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun Friends ;)

While my parents were in town we went to a couple of Christian Weddings. Aashini had so much fun at the weddings! At the 2nd wedding there were a bunch of little girls there. She LOVED playing with them! They gave her an empty bouquet flower holder thing and kept picking up flowers from the ground and putting them in it for her.
Seriously, Aashini had a blast! She loved those girls. I love they way she's looking at them in this picture!
This one too (even though it's a bad picture) :)
Aashini had fun with her new little buddies ;)
Diya had fun too with her buddy Sophy :)
You can see more wedding pictures here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Super Ni-Ni!

At school last week they made masks. It was the kind you had to hold up over your eyes yourself, so Aashini wasn't that into it. A couple of days ago, Adam poked some holes in her mask and tied some elastic around it. She LOVED it! She then became Super Ni-Ni! She has her cape, her watch, her mask and her princess crown (the headband).
I thought it was cute :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Stuff!

The other day Aashini was sick and throwing up all night (and some the next morning... yeah, fun)... The next morning all she wanted to do was to lay on the floor... it was so pitiful!
We were at a local event the other day and Aashini entertained herself by driving her toy car all around - it made me laugh :)
We all got a little dressed up to go to this event. Even Diya wore a bindi :)
Here we are with our bindis :) You can't really see them all (and I look a little scary - but I posted it anyway) :)
Diya has gotten pretty good at head/neck control. She has been sitting longer and longer times in her "special chair" :) It's like a Bumbo but it's called a bebe' pod (I think). We got it from some people in our city that were moving. She loves to play with toys on her little tray :)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Aashini LOVES music! She loves to sing songs, listen to songs, play songs and make any kind of music she can :) The other day we pulled out our Harmonium for her to play with. A Harmonium is kind of like a cross between an accordion and a piano. You have to "pump it" to make air so that the sounds come out. It sounds a lot like an organ. They use it with the local music here.
Anyway, Aashini had a lot of fun playing it.
I think she looks like quite the musician in this pic below :) haha!
What kid doesn't like to bang a drum though? Aashini loves her drum!
She also likes to call herself a rockstar :) haha!
Not to be left out... Diya likes the drums too :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter pt.3 - Diya

I tried to take pics of Diya this Easter, but it didn't really work out. She was never happy at times with good light and wasn't that into picture taking. So I got a few pictures but they aren't that great. This picture below is funny to me :)
I like how you can see her reflection in the egg (below) - I love these eggs!
She makes some funny faces :)
She looks concerned in this picture :)
This picture is funny but I really like it :)
Out of all the pics, this one is my favorite :) haha! Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter pt.2 - Sat & Sun

On Saturday before Easter we taught Aashini about hunting Easter eggs. We taught her last year, but she didn't really remember :) We hid the eggs and she was so excited when she ran out to find them!
She made some hilarious faces!
I think she looks so big in this pic below!
haha! This face cracks me up!
I love how she always sticks out her tongue when she concentrates :)
Later that day we went to a local kids store. They were having an Easter celebration. They read books to the kids and sang songs.
After that they had craft time. They made cool baskets with bunnies on them.
She also made a cool egg that had a face and hair :)
She LOVES painting things :)
Then, on Easter we went to church and came home and hunted eggs again!
This time I put candy in her eggs and she REALLY loved it!
She got serious about gathering eggs when there was candy at stake :) haha!
I know there was a serious lack of Diya pics :) I'll post some in the next post ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter pt.1 - Good Friday

Aashini's school was closed on Good Friday, so we took Aashini out for some fun :) We took her to the mall to paint her own pottery!
She LOVED it! She picked out a snail bank to paint :)
She concentrates really hard when she paints - it's cute :)
Look at that awesome snail :)
I love that sweet face!
After pottery, we went to eat lunch. There was a bakery at the place we ate at, and they had all kinds of strange Easter-looking treats. This one (below) was shaped like a chick. Aashini wasn't quite sure what to think. She ate off the eyes and beak quickly though :)
It was really strange tasting. The coconut on the outside was salted and the yellow stained your teeth really yellow! haha!
This is what Adam thought of it :)
More Easter fun to come!