Sunday, April 4, 2010

Having Fun :)

Our friend Mayank came over the other day. It was his first time to see Diya :)
Aashini LOVES juice! She begs for it all day long ;) haha!
This past week Aashini came home from school with bindis (the little dot on the forehead between the eyes) made with marker on her forehead. Not sure who did it, but she did NOT want us to wash it off at the end of the day. She loved it :) haha!
Here's Aashini at a "play place" at the mall.
Aashini liked Diya in the car with her :) So cute!
This picture makes me smile :)


Emily said...

Those are great pigtails!

Anthony and Sharon said...

LOVE the pigtails and the girls in the car together. And Aashini liking her bindi...too precious! What a little Indian!