Friday, April 9, 2010


Aashini LOVES music! She loves to sing songs, listen to songs, play songs and make any kind of music she can :) The other day we pulled out our Harmonium for her to play with. A Harmonium is kind of like a cross between an accordion and a piano. You have to "pump it" to make air so that the sounds come out. It sounds a lot like an organ. They use it with the local music here.
Anyway, Aashini had a lot of fun playing it.
I think she looks like quite the musician in this pic below :) haha!
What kid doesn't like to bang a drum though? Aashini loves her drum!
She also likes to call herself a rockstar :) haha!
Not to be left out... Diya likes the drums too :)


Emily said...

Aww that picture of Diya is precious! She is getting more and more beautiful. Y'all are nice parents to give Aash a real drum. Hazel's drumset always takes imagination. (and I guess less earplugs :)

Carrie said...

Yay for drums!!!! "D" cracks me up with her facial expressions! And of course "A" is a rockstar!!!

Anthony and Sharon said...