Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter pt.3 - Diya

I tried to take pics of Diya this Easter, but it didn't really work out. She was never happy at times with good light and wasn't that into picture taking. So I got a few pictures but they aren't that great. This picture below is funny to me :)
I like how you can see her reflection in the egg (below) - I love these eggs!
She makes some funny faces :)
She looks concerned in this picture :)
This picture is funny but I really like it :)
Out of all the pics, this one is my favorite :) haha! Happy Easter!


Emily said...

They still look better than anything I could've done!

Anthony and Sharon said...

These are GREAT! I think Diya looks a lot like Adam (or at least the mannerisms) in these pictures... through the eyes especially. Cute girls! Did you get any of the two together? Just wondering!