Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun Friends ;)

While my parents were in town we went to a couple of Christian Weddings. Aashini had so much fun at the weddings! At the 2nd wedding there were a bunch of little girls there. She LOVED playing with them! They gave her an empty bouquet flower holder thing and kept picking up flowers from the ground and putting them in it for her.
Seriously, Aashini had a blast! She loved those girls. I love they way she's looking at them in this picture!
This one too (even though it's a bad picture) :)
Aashini had fun with her new little buddies ;)
Diya had fun too with her buddy Sophy :)
You can see more wedding pictures here.

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Christine said...

look at her looking at that big girl, she seems so entranced! Older kids are so much fun when you are young :)