Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Food!!!!

Diya had food for the first time this week!!! She has REALLY been wanting food! She's hungry all the time. Whenever we eat, she follows our food and licks her lips.... she really wanted to eat! She was wanting to eat every hour for over a week, and she 5 months (I'll post those pics soon), so we thought it was time for her. I thought I would wait for 6 months, but I was kinda tired of having to feed her every hour :)
So... here she is before eating :)
When we first gave Aashini food, she kinda spit most of it out and took a couple of weeks to really "get it", so I was expecting Diya to be the same way. The minute I put the spoon up to her mouth, she slurped the entire spoonful up and wanted more!
Not a great picture, but I thought it was a funny face :)
She LOVED it!
This picture makes me laugh :) I love her little tongue sticking out :)
All Done! She cleaned the bowl!
I think Aashini was jealous of all the pictures we were taking of Diya and wanted us to take a picture of her too :) She said: "Ni-Ni's Turn!"
Right now Diya's favorite food is Avocados & Bananas mixed :)


Erin G said...

Anneliese did food SO MUCH BETTER than Nathan too. Maybe it's just easier the second time around? Anyway, congrats, little Diya!

Emily said...

That's awesome that she ate so well! And way to go on getting her to eat avocados...I still can't get Annabel to eat avocados, and she even eats dirt and grass and rocks. :)

Christine said...

I love that she follows the food to your mouth and licks her lips!! Polly does the same thing. haha

SouthAsiaRocks said...


Anthony and Sharon said...

Yay Diya! Big girl!!! We fed Isaac sooner than Zay...mostly bc of what you said, Isaac was feeding every hour or so and wearing me slap out. Zay is a bottle baby and was fat and chunky and eating at regular intervals. So, Isaac got food at 4 months and Zay got his first at 6.
Yay for her eating like a champ! Atta girl!