Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Stuff!

The other day Aashini was sick and throwing up all night (and some the next morning... yeah, fun)... The next morning all she wanted to do was to lay on the floor... it was so pitiful!
We were at a local event the other day and Aashini entertained herself by driving her toy car all around - it made me laugh :)
We all got a little dressed up to go to this event. Even Diya wore a bindi :)
Here we are with our bindis :) You can't really see them all (and I look a little scary - but I posted it anyway) :)
Diya has gotten pretty good at head/neck control. She has been sitting longer and longer times in her "special chair" :) It's like a Bumbo but it's called a bebe' pod (I think). We got it from some people in our city that were moving. She loves to play with toys on her little tray :)


Christine said...

I love the bindis!

Emily said...

Those bindis are so cute. I bet that's fun for dress up, too. :)

Anthony and Sharon said...

Bebe pod and the bindi's too cute!