Friday, April 2, 2010

Diya Paisley

Here's a few pictures of Diya in the last few days :) Diya LOVES putting her hands in her mouth. Sometimes she tries to stick her whole fist in her mouth :) haha!
This picture makes me laugh :) She looks mad :)
This picture makes me laugh too :) She looks like she's saying: "one more minute" or something like that :) haha!
I did some editing to this picture (I'm working on my photoshop skills) if you want to check it out here.
Her lips are funny in this picture :) She usually does her lips like that when she's sleeping ;) It's funny :)
And another picture.... I know the last 3 look just about the same... but I couldn't pick which ones to post - so I posted all of them! :)


Anthony and Sharon said...

She is just so pretty! She looks so dainty and feminine. Her name fits her to a T!

five_solas said...

She is beautiful!

Emily said...

Sweet sweet precious girl. I love those blue eyes with the dark hair!