Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First School Performance!

Aashini had her first school performance this past weekend!! It was AWESOME!!! (there's a video at the bottom, so if you want to go ahead and scroll down and press play-pause and let it load, go ahead :)). Anyway, we knew this performance was coming up. We were supposed to practice with Aashini what she was supposed to do. Each kid came up by themselves and said their "introduction" - which in this case was her name, school & teacher's names. Then she said 2 poems - one in Hindi and one in English.

When we first got there, the principal of the school gave us a parenting lecture for about an hour - it was sooo long! It was funny! Then, they told us what was going to happen when our children came up to perform (they were all in their classroom at this time with their teachers). They told us that they were going to turn off all of the lights so that the kids wouldn't be scared :) That made me laugh, but what REALLY made me laugh was that they gave everyone masks! They told us that when our child came up on stage, we needed to wear the mask so that they couldn't see us and get nervous or something like that :) haha!

Here are our friends Joe & Amberley in their masks :) I think they're pretty scary!
Here are some parents (below) with their masks on as their kids are performing - hilarious!
When Aashini came in, she spotted me right away (even with my silly mask on) :) The lights were off, so all the pictures are terrible - haha! Oh yeah... so for this performance they were supposed to wear their Takwondo uniforms, so I put on her comfy "play clothes" underneath it. Well, apparently they were going to wear those clothes for the first half of the performance... so my kid is wearing "junky play clothes"(that are a little too small) while all the other kids are dressed up... yeah, I am THAT mom... again... haha! Anyway, Aashini did great! We were so proud!
After that, the whole class got up together and performed a bunch of poems and other things like that as a class. It was really cute!
Aashini got really into it :) This poem (below) always cracks me up. At this point in the poem, they are saying: "Touch, Touch, Touch your eyes..." - Aashini always mashes them - ouch - haha!
:) This makes me smile :)
And last, but definitely not least, is the Takwondo performance! This is Aashini's favorite! She LOVES Takwondo!!!
This is one of their warm-ups - She was concentrating really hard!
She does Takwondo every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at school. Every one of those days, she constantly asks her teacher where Aman Sir is (her Takwondo teacher).
He says: "Make the Punch" and then they say: "hiah" - too cute!
I love her face in this picture!
Then they took us to the computer lab and let Aashini show us what she's been learning on the computers :)
Then we went into the puzzle room and Aashini showed off her puzzling skills :)
It was so fun :)
Here is the video from her performance! The video isn't great because it was so dark, but it's still fun! :)


Kelley said...

oh India you never cease to amaze me- the masks thing is one of the strangest things I've ever heard. Wow.

A looks really cute- and all grown up!!!

Erin G said...

ok everything about this post makes me laugh. the masks, the lights, the tae kwon do, her orange playclothes, all of it. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

Anthony and Sharon said...

So fun! Was Diya whining in the beginning? At first I thought it was Aashini humming into the microphone or something.
Loved the video!Can't wait to get Isaac into a preschool overseas!

Christine said...

haha, this is totally AWESOME! Go Aash

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Sharon - yeah, it was Diya whining at the beginning :)

Emily said...

So much to comment on! I love this post!
1. The little kid falling off the stage made me LOL. How did you not laugh??
2. There is one girl not in her taekwondo outfit, so you weren't the only one uninformed. :)
3. Aashini was by far the best TKD student up there - am I'm not saying that just because I'm biased! haha
4. Oh the masks...
Love love love it!

a la carte said...

oh how you brightened my day with this video! it just makes me love india even more.

1. kid falling off the stage- sorry, cracked me up!
2. love aashini's facial expressions during the performance.
3. the mask thing is more scary than having the lights turned on!

loved it all, it was hiLarious!