Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4 Months!

Diya is 4 months!! The time really seems to be going quickly! Here's Diya's picture with her dog :)
Here's a picture of Diya & Aashini both at 4 months. You can't tell much from this picture :) You can look at Aashini's 4 month post - here. Last month Diya looked much bigger, but this month she looks smaller in these pics. Not sure if Aashini grew a lot that month, or just the way it looks on camera :) It's fun to see them together at the same age :) Aashini had such blonde hair she didn't look like she had any hair ;) So fun :)
And here is a picture of the girls together now :) This picture is funny to me :)
Happy 4 months Diya!!!


Alison said...

Aash holding Diya has produced some pretty hilarious photos!

Emily said...

She's grown so much!!

Christine said...

THey are so cute together I can barely stand it!

TASTE and SEE said...

If you compare where the bear hits the two girls, Diya looks bigger. It looks like Diyas picture is not as zoomed.