Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A few weeks ago, Aashini's school had an awards day. They did a big sports emphasis during the Commonwealth Games, and did lots of races and things, so they had a big awards day for the winners. The day started out with a couple of the classes doing some sort of athletic performance. Aashini was picked to be a part of the Taekwondo group (she LOVES taekwondo!). In this picture below you can see Aashini when she saw me in the crowd... she's pointing me out to her buddy! The little boy to her left wearing the white turbin is Kunwarjeet but Aashini calls him Pokajeet. I'm not sure if I'm just not understanding her, or she just says his name wrong or what, but it's cute :) He's her buddy :)
Excuse the horrible pictures. My camera is acting up AND all of these pics were taken under a red tent, so they all looked really bad and I had to edit a lot! Anyway, Aashini really gets into taekwondo - she loves it!
Doing their kicks!
... and punches!!!
Here's Aashini up getting her medal :) She got the sliver medal in the "Transportation Race" (not quite sure what that is). She tied for silver with Pokajeet :) This isn't a great picture, but I love how they're holding hands :) it's cute :)
Aashini was so excited about her medal!
Here are the winners of the Transportation Race! haha!
Aashini LOVED her medal! She thought it was awesome!
Afterwards all the kids played in the play area of the school (we were at a different branch of Aashini's school, so the play area was new and different :)) Diya thought it was awesome!
Aashini's favorite was the house :) Diya likes standing and looking in the window at her :)
Aashini and Pokajeet played in the ball pit too :) They had fun :)
It was a fun day :)


Emily said...

Such a funny post! I love that the transportation race winners had different vehicles on them! Very funny! I wish Hazel's school had as many functions as Aashini's does.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I LOVE all the functions and crazy things her school does - it's so cool!

Anthony & Sharon said...

I like that you continue to call him Pockajeet in the post. :) The taekwondo pics are waaaaay cute!