Thursday, November 18, 2010


A couple of days ago we took the girls to see the goats. It's for a holiday that took place yesterday (for more on that you can read my other blog - click here). Aashini was terrified at first but then decided to pet the goats :) Adam wanted to let Diya ride the goats. She was a little scared at first (see her death-grip on Adam's shirt?).
The goat's owner said that Diya should ride on the goat backwards - haha! OK :) She was a little concerned about being on the goat, but she seemed to have fun :)
Aashini had fun at the end :) She thought the goats were cool!
I like this picture because she kinda looks like "Little Miss Giggles" on her shirt :)
The girls had fun :) How many HUGE Mega-Cities in the world can also give you the country-farm experience? haha!
You can see me with my HUGE belly with the goats last year here if you want :) haha!


Kelley said...

Wow look at A's curls- they are gorgeous!!!

Brandy said...

I love A's hair!!! It's so cute and looks so different. The hair cut? And, her smile is super fun in these pics!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Aww thanks guys! I think it could be because of the haircut :)

Emily said...

I was gonna say the same thing, her hair looks amazing!! It's so pretty and thick.
And the first thing I noticed about Diya were her chub rolls on her arms! So cute!!

Jeremy and Anita said...

Hey, just came across your blog for the first time today, how fun! I LOVE the pics of A's haircut and how ecstatic she is. Adorable! Her hair looks great, too. We need to do something about Callie's mullet - she hasn't had her 1st haircut yet ;) Anyway, love & miss y'all & our fun times in Thailand!

Shannon said...

I have to agree with Kelley - the first thing I noticed in the first photo was Aashini's curls!

Anonymous said...

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