Friday, November 26, 2010

Random Pictures :)

These are some older pictures that I've been meaning to post. My neighbor Gigi and her friend from America were on a trip to our country recently and we got to see them one of the days they were here. Gigi got Aashini this cute dress :) Aashini loved it and danced around in it :)
Diya is a funny sleeper and really wants a stuffed animal to sleep :)
Diya crawls using the side of her big toes. The side of her big toes are always dirty and she has little calluses on them :) Too cute :)
Diya loves to crawl in and on things - she's funny :)
We had the box a few weeks ago and Aashini had so much fun with it :)
Diya still has blue eyes - I think they're going to stick :)
Aashini LOVES to color :) I love that she sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating :)
Making a pita pizza the other day :)
The girls were playing together at a play place :) It was cute :)
I love Diya's spikey hair :)
The other night the girls were playing together on the tricycle :) I thought it was cute :)
I love the face Diya is making here :)
I think I'm all caught up now :)


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful blue eyes!! Your girl are gorgeous!! Love all the pictures!

Sara Beth said...

Two posts full of fun pictures. The girls are so cute and full of personality! Fun!

Emily said...

Oh that tricycle is so funny! :) Cute pictures. And Aashini is a REALLY good colorer!

Erin G said...

ummm you know it's not normal that she can color like that, right? Warning: she might be (gasp!) GIFTED!