Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aashini is THREE!!!

I can't believe Aashini is Three! Wow! I have a three year old kid? Whoa! (And Diya turns 1 in two weeks! yikes!). This birthday was really fun because Aashini had more of an idea of what was going on. She was soooo excited for her birthday! In the pic below you can see Aashini wearing her new tap shoes that she got for her birthday :) She danced all afternoon!
My sweet little birthday girl :)
We got Aashini a little doll house - she played with it for a long time!
OK, so here is the cake I made her - don't laugh! :) haha! I had a lot of issues making this cake - I didn't have the right kind of bowls, so it was a mess.... but this is what I ended up with :) haha!
I made cupcakes too :)
They were princess cupcakes :)
I also made some veg cupcakes (without egg) for our friends and neighbors that don't eat eggs. They were pretty yummy :)
We had a little party later that afternoon. The mall is one of Aashini's favorite places, so that's where we had it :) First they played at that play place :)
They had fun :)
Diya had a blast playing too :) She LOVED riding in the car :) it was awesome :)
They're so cute :)
Then we ate at McDonald's!
Aashini's favorite thing about birthdays is the cake and candle time! She was soooo excited!!
She loved it when everyone sang to her!
Here she is blowing out her candles on her funny looking cake! :)
That is one happy 3 year old!
Happy Birthday Aashini!


DaceeB said...

The barbie cake is cute! I am so impressed that you made a cake. My girls don't even expect me to try anymore. Their first question is "where are we ordering the cake from".

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Happy birthday! I am totally amazed by your cake-making skills - cupcakes, too!

Emily said...

Your cake and cupcakes look really good, I'm not sure why we'd laugh...? And the pics of Aashini are super cute. I love how happy she is in all of them!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Thanks for the cake encouragement everyone :) haha!

Sara Beth said...

I made a similar princess cake for Zion when she turned 3. If Aashini was as excited as her, then it had to have been a lot of fun. I think the cake looks great! Birthday parties are the best! Happy Birthday, Aashini!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Aashini!! I can't believe it was 3 years ago we waited on pins and needles to hear how mom and baby were doing (and if it was a girl or boy!)... what a blessing and joy she is!!

Brandy said...

That's an awesome cake, girl!!! And a fun party!!!

Miss hanging with the shefs!