Monday, November 1, 2010

11 Months!

Diya is 11 months!!! I can't believe it!! Here's a picture (below) of Diya (left) and Aashini (right) both at 11 months :)
Diya loves to wave and say "hi". When we go outside she waves at everyone and says "hi" - it's cute :) Even in a rickshaw the whole time we driving she waves and says hi :) I love it :)
Diya finally got her FIRST TOOTH!!! It came in the day she turned 11 months :) This picture (below) cracks me up :)
Another outtake :) Diya loves to grab everything with two hands and put it over her head (like the pic below) - she looks like a wrestler when she does it :)
Diya is funny :) When she started crawling, she did have any one-step practice crawls or any practicing before she did it. One day she just went form sitting to crawling across the floor! She seems to be like that with a lot of things. She's been pulling up on everything lately but hasn't been interested in walking and hasn't been "cruising" around furniture at all... but the other day she pulled up on a plastic stool and just started walking around :) You can see her do it in the video. Ignore the huge mess and the dirt on her diaper (it was a crazy day :))... anyway, check it out if you're interested :)

I can't believe that she's almost a year old now! She's so big!! :)


Karen said...

Haha! Diya and Ian will one day rule the world. He did the same thing when he started crawling. Just took off one day. Walking; same thing. She's getting so big! Congrats Mommy!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Too cute! I loved Aashini's little head rub at the end...such sisterly affection:)

Emily said...

I want some dresses like the one Diya is wearing for my girls, too! :) And it was really cute how Aashini patted Sister's head.