Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oct 31st Fun!

October 31st is just like any other day in SouthAsiaLand. This year we went to a special Mela (carnival) that a group was putting on to raise money for an NGO that does different things to help break the cycle of poverty here. The mela was at someones farmhouse. Farmhouses are an interesting thing here. Basically there are tons of old farmhouses with large plots of land that used to be used for farming. Now they are mostly homes for rich people. You can see a small portion of the house in the picture below. There were over 300 people at this mela and there were things set up all over their property - it was HUGE!!!
I did a lot of shopping :) This mela had a big garage sale as a part of it. Many rich people had donated a lot of things (all profits went to the NGO), so there were some great things! I got Gap Kids clothes for 10 rupees each! (25 cents), kids books and a few things for me. Diya had fun meeting some new friends ;) (she tried to take her toys :))
They had a few toys at the mela. On thing they had was an old film camera. Aashini has been wanting a camera, so we got it for her (it was only 25 cents!). It doesn't have film in it and she could care less! She loves it! There were fun inflatable rides and she wanted to play and hold her camera - she didn't wan to put it down :)
She thought it was awesome :)
Still has the camera :)
Then she started walking around the land and taking pictures of the oranges on the orange trees. We think this farm land used to be for orange trees. There were still tons of trees.
She took tons of pictures of oranges :)
She took pictures of everything - even ice!! (Ice is rare here :))
They even had "toffee apples"!!! She got to eat one on the way home - she loved it!!!
One of the fun things we found at the mela were a couple of costumes. Aashini likes Snow White. At a Garage Sale we went to awhile ago, we found this Snow White Doll. Aashini doesn't know the story (and hasn't seen the movie) but she loves princesses, so she loves Snow White! At the Mela we found a Snow White Costume :) It was fun that we got a Snow White Costume on Halloween :) It's way huge, but she had fun with it ;)
Here she is dancing with Snow White :)
She thought it was fun :)
Aashini also loves Superheroes! I found a Spiderman costume and she thought it was awesome! She kept saying: "I'm a Superhero!!" :) I asked her to pose like a superhero and this is what I got :) (notice her camera in hand - just like Peter Parker!) :)
This pose was a little more Spiderman-like :)
Hope everyone had a great October 31st :) You guys ROCK!


Carrie said...

Oh I love it! Just love it!!!!

Emily said...

So many great things about this post! Looks like you've rubbed off on her since she wants to take a ton of pics. (and of an oh so rare item like ice :) And the costumes are GREAT! Hazel has a Snow White costume too. :) Our girls are gonna have SO much fun together.

Kelley said...

The costumes are fantastic. Isn't it incredible how girls are drawn to princesses no matter what culture they are exposed to?

Erin G said...

we're thinking santa might bring a camera for nathan this christmas. glad to see aashini having fun with hers!