Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Girls in Green :)

I found these older pictures that I forgot to post. These are from about 3 weeks ago (I think).... pre-haircut :) and before Diwali I think... But I still wanted to post them :)
This picture is funny :)
I love the look on Diya's face :)
Remember the mirror at the mall? When we first put Aashini on it she was terrified!! Even this past August she was still terrified of it (you can see pictures here)! Well, a couple of weeks ago she decided to get brave and try it. I think she was still a little scared, but she kept saying: "look! I'm not scared!"
Diya loved it again :)
haha! This cracks me up :)
This one too! :)


Carie said...

Those are so cute! Love the matching shirts!!!

Emily said...

That last picture is my favorite. Sweet sisters!