Monday, May 17, 2010

Friends :)

Aashini has gotten the opportunity to see a lot of her fun friends lately :) She gets to see her friend Meri a lot (on the far right below). Meri has a little brother that's just a little younger than Diya. Here are the kiddos together :)
Some other kids got jealous and wanted to be in the picture too :) haha!
Later that week, some of our fun friends came to visit for a couple of hours. Here is Diya with Joya & Stephen :)
We all took a picture holding all of our kids! haha! I love this picture :) It's funny, when we all first met and moved to South Asia, we didn't have any kids - now look!! :)
We tried to get everyone to make funny faces - haha!
Friends are fun!


Emily said...

Aww I love this post!!! First of all, I wish my girls and I were squished on the couch with y'all. :) I love how Meri and Aash's legs are covered in bruises...they don't walk around on hard marble floors all day, do they? ;) Thanks for posting these pics, I love seeing everybody.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Looks like a fun bunch! And good to see Kari since it's been awhile since she updated her blog:) Cute kids! And Aashini's legs look like Isaac's...except Isaac doesn't have the excuse of marble floors. He's just rough and tumble!

Wade, Laurie and Samuel Garrett said...

We had a great time with you guys! Thanks for taking and posting these pictures. We look forward to seeing you soon and seeing how the kids change. Blessings