Friday, May 14, 2010


My mom made Diya a quilt when she was born :) She made one for Aashini when she was born too :) It's fun :) Here's Diya on her quilt :)
In the middle of taking pictures Aashini kept coming and giving Diya hugs :)
Here are Diya & Aashini on their quilts ;)
I like this picture :)
Aashini wanted to lay on her tummy like Diya ;)


Emily said...

The one of them smiling at each other is precious. I love the quilts - James' mom made my girls quilts, too. Did your mom wait until after they were born to do colors?

SouthAsiaRocks said...

My mom made Aashini's before she was born, but made Diya's afterwards :)

Anonymous said...

those are precious pictures! so cute! and beautiful quilts. what a treasure!

Christine said...

I feel like I always say the same, your kids are so cute!