Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fingernail Polish!

We painted Aashini's fingernails this week. I actually think it was the first time we had painted her nails!! Crazy! Anyway, she thought it was AWESOME!!!
After I painted her nails she kept doing funny poses and showing off her nails :)
Here's the finished product. I love her little pose :)
She thought it was awesome!!


Emily said...

That is so sweet and girly that she kept posing with her pretty nails. :) I haven't been brave enough to do Hazel's fingers yet, just her toes.

Sara Beth said...

Zion has had her toes painted several times, but yesterday I took her to a little nail place and let a lady do her nails. Its an effort to keep her from sucking her thumb. I was hoping maybe not wanting to mess up the polish would be motivation! They are pink with glitter. The whole way home she walked with her hands stuck out all prissy because they lady told her to so she wouldn't mess them up. She was SO cute about it and was so patient for the 25 minutes or so that it took to clean, file, soak, and paint several coats on her nails!! Crazy!

Anthony and Sharon said...

I love it that it wasn't the traditional pink or and green! So fun!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

SB - that's so cute!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Seriously cute pictures. I love all her poses and expressions. :)