Monday, May 10, 2010

5 Months!!

So I'm about 2 weeks late in posting these pictures (but the pictures were taken on time :)) - here is Diya's 5 months picture with her dog :)
For comparision... here are Aashini and Diya both at 5 months with Aashini's bear. (you can see more of Aashini at 5 months if you click here.) I think they are starting to look a lot alike! I didn't think they looked much alike until just recently :P
Here's a few pictures of Diya for fun on her new quilt that my mom made for her ;)
I like the face she's making in this picture ;)
I love her little grin :)
This one is funny - it's like the closed-eye smiling picture :)
And another picture because I just couldn't pick a favorite :)


alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Month days are really lots of fun! I think Diya and Grace kind of look alike. What do you think? Maybe it's just cause I don't see too many white baby girls...Both are definitely adorable!

Emily said...

You're right - when they are smiling, something on their faces turns very similar! I love the quilt - beautiful job!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

:) Yeah, Diya and Grace do kinda look alike :)
You guys ROCK!

Jeni said...

She's so cute! :)