Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!!

It's a GIRL! I'm sorry I haven't been able to post (no wi-fi at the hospital) :) On Wednesday (Nov 25) I had started to feel worse than I had before. My vision had blurred a few times that day and my blood pressure was getting higher, so we called my doc that evening and she said we needed to check in. We checked in and they monitored me for a few hours (and my BP kept slowly climbing) and my doctor decided we needed to go ahead and have the baby. Since I had a previous c-section, she didn't want to induce, so we scheduled the c-section for the next day. It was a TOTALLY different experience from last time! If anyone is interested, I'll write about it, but I was totally lucid during the entire c-section (which I wasn't last time) and I was talking with the attendants about Bollywood movies while they were stitching me up - it was fun :) (until the numbness wore off....)
Anyway, here's Diya's Info (if you can't read it, you can click on the pictures to see them bigger):

Here is Diya right after she was born:
And another one Adam took right after she was born:
Here she is on her 2nd day :) She looks a lot different from Aashini. She has dark hair and different feet, hands and mouth. She also looks a lot more darker complected (and as of now doesn't have any jaundice)...
Aashini got to meet her for the first time on the 2nd day. Aashini was so excited! She kept poking at her and naming things (eyes, nose, mouth, etc). At one point Diya moved and Aashini was surprised and said: WHOA! (maybe she thought she was a doll before :) haha!). Aashini really loves her baby sister! She's also pretty protective. Our neighbor came by today and was holding Diya and Aashini kept crying. She was afraid they were going to take her.
In this pic you can see her baby bracelet. Most people here wait a while to give the baby a name (or wait for the Hindu priest to name the baby), so they call the babies: b/o (baby of) Andrea.
This picture made me laugh :)
We got home today and our house was decorated so cool!
Our friends the Washas and their kids decorated our house to welcome in little Diya! There were fun decorated diyas all over and paisleys. It was really fun :)
More pictures to come!


Dugi said...

congrats guys. Diya is a beautiful blessing. xo

Emily said...

Oh man she's beautiful!! I love it that you have a blondie and brunette too! They DO look a lot different. That is super sweet that the Washas decorated. THey do a good paisley! That was impressive! haha
I love this! I'm so excited for y'all!!!!! (I usually don't do that many exclamation points, so you must know how excited I am :)

Life in Green-Land said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! I love the name... and you didn't have to worry about whether to name her Fido or Buddy! ;)
Seriously though, I love meaningful names, and hers is wonderful! I hope you all get some rest and enjoy the transition to a family of 4! Can't wait to see more pics! :)
Love, the Greens

Kelley said...

She is beautiful! I love the names. I thought the same thing Em- the Washas do a great paisley. I'm glad everyone is healthy!

Erin G said...

congratulations, she is gorgeous! Love her eyes and serioous expression. :)

MichelleWebb said...

She is truly beautiful, Andrea! I love her name and your friends did quite a job decorating your home. I'm thankful you are both doing well. Blessings to your family! Love, Michelle for the Webbs

Anthony and Sharon said...

She's gorgeous Sheffermans!!! SOOOOOOOO excited for you that her birth was a more warm-fuzzy type of a memory and that there were little difficulties! Woohoo for "normal" deliveries!
So who do you think she looks like? I think she does look pretty differnt than Aashini...any grandparents as contenders? Isaac looks a little like Anthony and I, but he really seems to look a lot like my dad. Fun!
Enjoy your sweet bundle of joy!

Brandon and April said...

congrats! Really cool name! What a gorgeous baby girl!!! Her skin looks so flawless!

Sara Beth said...

She is SO pretty you guys! Congratulations! And your friends definitely did a way cool job on decorating the house!!

lillian said...

Congratulations !! Absolutely LOVE the names. All the best to you all :-)

a la carte said...

Wow, she is so beautiful! I hope you guys are doing great at home! I love her name, it's so pretty, i have a special place in my heart for paisleys and i've even thought of using it for a girls name too. my friends were considering it for their little girl, a few months ago. you guys are trendsetters. I (like emily) am really excited for you guys, have fun with those two sweet girls.

Shannon said...

What a cool name! I didn't know that about paisleys, but I love paisleys and I think it's an adorable little name.

It's so fun that Diya and Jyoti mean the same thing :)

She's really gorgeous!

merritt said...

She's a gorgeous baby.