Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's fun to have 2 girls :) Aashini LOVES her new little sister :) (Although from the picture below, it's hard to tell if Diya feels the same way) :) haha!
Aashini has had a lot of fun being the big sister :) When she wakes up or comes home from school and sees Diya she comes running and says: "Baby Diya!"
Last night Aashini got to hold Diya for the first time. She was so proud of herself!
When Diya cried or moved Aashini would say: "WOW!" It was so cute!
Aashini loves to "pet" her sister. It's pretty funny. We tell her to touch her softly, and Aashini puts her fingers all together and "pets" her (see pic below). It's cute :)
She also loves to give Diya kisses!
Yesterday we had to take Diya to the doctor to check her billirubin levels (she looks a little yellow), so they took her blood and she had a bandage on it. Aashini kept kissing Diya's "boo boo". It was sweet.
So there are some fun sister pictures :) I guess I need to post one of just Diya :) I'm going to take some better pics of her soon, but right now we have a million things going on! I'll post some better pictures soon :)


Anthony and Sharon said...

So fun! Isaac is the same way with Isaiah- kisses and hugs and most of the time he just lays beside sweet!
Diya is just gorgeous! I know you guys are blown away. I couldn't believe my heart doubled in size when Isaiah came!

Emily said...

(Such a good metaphor about the heart :) So how was her bilirubin? I recognize that cute little Christmas outfit! ;) Annabel is actually going to be squeezed into the 3 month version of that one this week! haha
I think the sisters thing will just get more and more fun...and probably lots more dramatic!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! yeah, there will definitely be some drama!
The cute little Christmas outfit fits perfect - Thanks!

Erin G said...

that picture with the two girls and Adam is awesome. I LOVE the look on Aashni's face!

Carrie said...

Such sweet pictures! She is precious and I love "A" expressions and love she shows towards her sister!

Deanna said...