Monday, November 16, 2009

Children's Day!!

Children's Day is a very popular holiday here :) It's celebrated internationally on November 20 but our country celebrates it on November 14 (it's the birthday of the first Prime Minister and he loved children). This year it was on a Saturday, so the mall near us had all sorts of fun stuff for the kids :) Inside one of the malls (it's actually 3 different malls all stuck together, so they're are constantly competing) they had DORA the Explorer!
When she first came out, Aashini was really scared of her!
Then, after some time she was very interested and wanted to see Dora ;)
She was still pretty scared though and parents couldn't come up with their kids, so Adam gave Aashini a piece of candy to give to Dora. She was excited after that! I think she liked having a "job" to do :)
She was so excited to give Dora the candy!
Aashini was amazed at the size of Dora. She kept saying: "Big Dora" :)
Afterwards she was so excited. She kept telling us the story over and over again about giving Dora the candy. She was so proud and excited :)
After that we went to the courtyard of the middle mall (they're all connected, but the middle mall has a big outside area that they have stuff at all the time). They had rabbits in one section for the kids to look at. Aashini was in heaven!
I always had rabbits growing up, so I loved seeing them too - haha! :) Aashini was soooo happy!
They were just out of reach though :) She wanted to try to get them :) After some time, the guy that was in charge of the rabbits brought one over to her so she could pet it. She loved it!
They were giving out all kinds of cool snacks for free! (not super common here) :) Aashini got to try her first Cotton Candy :) The cotton candy machine was different than I had seen before :) It was cool looking and he used a hand-crank that was attached to what looked like a bicycle wheel - very neat ;)
She loved it!!
She had a great Children's Day!


Della said...

How fun! Good you got to enjoy with her.

Emily said...

That last picture of her is precious!

Sara Beth said...

Love the pictures! They celebrate Children's Day on June 20th here...guess they aren't too good at honoring the international day either! I didn't even know there was an international date!

Carrie said...

What a wonderful day to spend with her! So precious! She is adorable and I love following along as you unfold the different stages of her life!

DaceeB said...

I love how Aashini is finally growing hair! Cala was about two when I finally got real ponytails in. ;P