Saturday, November 7, 2009

Aashini is TWO!!!

Today was Aashini's 2nd Birthday! It was so fun to celebrate it with her this year ;) She had fun last year but didn't really know what was going on. This year she knew it was her birthday and kept talking about it and really had a lot of fun! She was hyper all day long!

The night before, we made cupcakes for her birthday. We made regular ones and ones without eggs to share with our neighbors. She loved getting to lick the beaters! She thought it was so fun!
Then she got to decorate her cupcakes :) We made a bunch of mini cupcakes. We gave her a little bowl with sprinkles in it to decorate them and I told her what to do. She stuck her hand in the bowl and got out some sprinkles and ate a handful - haha! Then she decorated... and ate some more ;) haha! She loved the sprinkles!
This morning she woke up for her birthday and was surprised. We decorated the whole dining room area and she loved it! (you can see my packed hospital bag in the background :))...
We decorated her high chair - she thought that was great :)
She LOVED it and started pulling all the balloons down ;)
After she ate breakfast she got her first cupcake :) Every time she got a cupcake we gave her candles to blow out. She loves to blow out candles!! When Adam first lit the candles this was her reaction:
She was so excited and happy!
She had fun blowing out her candles :)
Then came the presents :) She got some fun gloves and she wanted to open her presents while wearing them :)
The rest of the day was filled cupcakes and fun :) She got to play with some of her friends tonight and eat cupcakes with them too :) She had a fun birthday! Yay Aashini!

Don't forget to comment and say your Pop Rock birthday guesses!! :)


Life in Green-Land said...

Happy Birthday Aashini!!! Looks like you had fun! And you don't even have to share your birthday with PopRock! Can't wait to see what's next! :)

Della said...

Happy Birthday Aashini!! It is so great that you got to celebrate her birthday in such a fun way. She will always remember. i have been making a lot of mini muffins this week. I made corn bread for a soup supper on Monday night and blueberry muffins for a brunch today. Not near as much fun as having a two year old to decorate with.

Erin G said...

happy birthday, gorgeous little gal!

you are like super-mom with the cake decorating and everything. what a good idea! I need to remember that for next time.

no eggs for the neighbors?

I'm SO glad you could be home for her special day (especially this year since she knows what it is, kind of!) instead of in the hospital. Yay!

Sara Beth said...

I love when the kids turn 2 because they really do understand and can have a lot of fun on their birthday! They at least know its a day about THEM! Looks like she had a great time and you guys did a great job making it special! Happy Birthday Aashini!

Emily said...

Happy birthday Aashini!! She actually looks older in these it just because I know she's now 2? I love the cupcake idea!! Did y'all get her anything?

Aarmel said...

Awesome! Great post! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Kelley said...

ok I'm guessing that you and Merritt go on the same day Nov 20.
Baby Boy Pop Rock is going to be 6lbs 12oz and come at 3:45pm. Was there anything else I was supposed to guess?

And I totally tried to download the IE and it said I hvae a more recent version on my computer yet I still don't have the pink box. It makes me sad.

gloria said...

what great decorations and fun stuff you did for her b-day!!!! What a special day!!! love gg

Jonathan said...

Happy birthday Aashini!

My guess is Nov. 22 at 7:07 a.m. IST. 7 lbs., 7 oz. :-)