Sunday, November 1, 2009

35 Weeks!

I am now officially more pregnant than I've ever been (I had Aashini at 34 weeks)! I definitely feel pregnant! I know I'm supposed to keep getting bigger but I just don't see how that's possible! Here's a few belly pics... I look pretty rough :) haha! And yes, my belly is "pointy" looking. I always end up with a torpedo-looking belly!
So I really have no idea what is going to happen as far as WHEN we're going to have the baby and HOW. We originally thought we were just going to plan a c-section because we didn't think we could do a VBAC (natural birth) here in our city. If you want to know more, I'll explain more, but basically we didn't think the hospital was equipped for it. A couple of weeks ago we found out that the hospital is equipped for it and my doc does them all the time and actually prefers to do them.

With all of that said, that means that we could possibly have a natural birth. There are a TON of factors involved with that though... first of all, for her to even consider it, everything has to be going perfect (my Blood Pressure has to be perfect and I can't have any big signs of preeccampsia, along with a few other things), AND I have to go into labor on my own (she won't induce me for a VBAC). So, along with all of that, we weren't planning on having a VBAC, so we didn't do an extra visa run, which means that we have to leave the country by January 7.... SO, that means that I can't have the baby past the due date because we need about a month to get the paperwork in AND a baby can't fly unless they're at least a month old.... SO I have no idea what is going to happen :) (I sure said "so" a lot!).
We went to the doc yesterday (thank goodness my doc is back in town!!). My BP is a little higher than normal, and my weight registered much higher than it should (I gained 4 kg ~ 8.8 lbs in 2 weeks) - which is a sign of preecclampsia. It was a different scale than normal at the doc's office, so I think that's why (at my home scale I had only gained about 2 kg). I'm also swelling in my hands, face (yes, my lips, eyes & nose... so nice) and some leg swelling. It's normal to have swelling in pregnancy, but the way I have swelling is usually related to preecclampsia, so my doc was a little concerned. She wanted to CHECK ME INTO THE HOSPITAL! I am NOT ready to go into the hospital, so we talked it through and she decided to have me run some tests and come back on Tuesday.

In the picture below you can see how I feel about all of this - haha! I look scary in that pic!
Sooooo.... all of that said.... I have NO idea what is going to happen :) Hopefully I won't have to be checked into the hospital on Tuesday but we're going to be prepared for it anyway (my bags are packed!)... I'll keep ya posted!!!
You guys ROCK!!!


Erin G said...

wow, sounds like you guys will have a chaotic couple of months!

1.) I think if you have the opportunity for a VBAC you should take it. Your recovery will be SO FAST (especially after having a c-section, you will be shocked!) and since you have to travel in early January, you'll feel better. BUT the most important thing, of coourse, is keeping Pop Rock healthy so WHATEVER kind of birth you have, that's the most important thing. :)

2.) What airline are you flying? Most will allow HEALTHY babies to fly when they're 2-12 days old. But you probably couldn't get the paperwork done that fast anyway, I guess.

3.) Praying for your BP and hoping you don't have to go into the hospital just yet! I know you're anxious but I'm still hoping Pop Rock can stick it out and be a December baby after all!

Emily said...

You're so cute! I am looking forward to hearing about your next doctor appt. Is Pop Rock head down? I'm glad you were able to talk her out of putting you in the hospital just yet. Every day is a better day for Pop Rock!

Sara Beth said...

We hope everything will turn out ok today. Yeah, I had never heard the thing about babies not being able to fly until 1 month. With Zion we were flying back in country when she was less than 3 weeks and with Isaac he was about 3 and 4 weeks on his first 2 flights. We've never had any trouble. We'd fly faster than that if we could get the passports faster! I'm curious if the preeclampsia will come back like last time. I had it at 39 weeks with Isaac and am wondering if I'll have it again. I've heard different things.

gloria said...

Wow, you have alot going on!!!!! Your cute belly is just so cute+ round, it almost looks like a beach ball up your blouse.
That was interesting about the Vbac. Are your ankles swollen like last time? We're thinking of you and your health.lovegg