Thursday, November 12, 2009

Annual Day!

Before yesterday we were really liking Aashini's school... After yesterday we were more than impressed. It's quite the school! Yesterday was the school's "Annual Day". They do a big performance once a year. When I say big, I mean BIG! There are over 18 Mother's Pride Schools in the Capital Region (with over 10,000 kids enrolled!). So with that many kids, the Annual Day actually takes place over 3 days with 2 programs each day! Our school (along with 2 others performed together) was yesterday from 3:00 - 7:30 pm - yeah, it's LONG - but sooo fun!!
It was at a big auditorium in our city. They hold a lot of big functions at it. It can hold over 2,500 people and EVERY seat had a person in it and there were people sitting in the aisles, standing in the back, etc... there were a TON of people there!

They started the performance with a w'ship time to the god Ganesh.... it was interesting.
They had different classes doing different performances. Aashini's age group didn't perform - 2.5 years and older classes perform. This one (below) was my favorite. The kids got up and sang a song about loving their papas (they say 'Papa' here instead of 'dad' or daddy). THEN, their dads came up on stage and did their own dance. It was AWESOME! Everyone loves Bollywood here - and you'll almost never find a person that doesn't like to dance - so you can imagine the papas were dancing their hearts out!
It was awesome! They were all really into it! They even had glittery confetti falling from the sky during their performance!
At the end, the dads picked up their kids and swung their little legs around - it was hilarious!
So after a few performances, the lady that started the school showcased some of the other things she has going on in the city. She's quite an impressive lady! She has some sports teams. They came up and did an awesome performance.
She also has a roller skating group & a gymnastics group. The roller skating cracked me up!! Their uniforms were hilarious too!
She also runs an NGO (Non Government Organization) to help out kids with special needs in our city. She has one school for kids with special needs too and they came up and did an awesome Bollywood dance!
You'd think that since this is a preschool performance, that the kids would sing "Twinkle Twinkle" type songs - but instead they all danced to Bollywood songs! It was awesome! For each performance they had some new and different elaborate props in the background - it was crazy!!
It was definitely impressive and VERY fun! I can't wait until next year when Aashini is performing in it! So fun!!!
So, as Aashini says: "School, FUN!" :)


Carrie said...

That is one long performance! Looks like it was a good one though! How sweet that "A" says school is fun!

Jonathan said...

I can't wait until Adam gets to go on stage to do some dancing!

Emily said...

Yes I was thinking the same thing as Jonathan! haha! Are there many videshi kids in her school? If not, they may showcase her next year! :)

That looks awesome. I love that they danced to Bollywood songs!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

In the school that she's in, she's the only white girl. In the whole auditorium at the performance we were the only white people - so it's cool!

gloria said...

That was the coolest thing!!!! I bet you guys were tired!!!Was Aashini wide eyed the entire performance? ITs funny, those looked like super big M+M's for the back props, wow, they go all out!!!Cool School you guys found!!!!lovegg

Anthony and Sharon said...