Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Pics from Wedding Day 1

Here are a couple pics from the first day of wedding stuff :) (the pic above is at our friend's house we were staying with, Aashini had a blast with their girls - they're playing dress-up here).

I posted a pic like this on the other blog, but this pic showed my round belly a little better so I thought I'd post it here :)
Here's Aashini at one of the parties. She loved the dance floor and the awesome lights :)
The first day of wedding stuff, we met at Jaya's house a few hours before the party. It was HOT!! Aashini was really hot! so we stripped her down. She found a broom and a bucket of water and began "painting". She kept saying "painting! painting!" over and over! She was so proud of herself!
She really had a lot of fun in M-town :) More pics to come!!


Elizabeth said...

Your new (to me at least) blog look is so fun! As are your wedding clothes! I love all the sparkle. :)

Emily said...

Y'all look so good and festive! And the "painting" gave me a great idea for Hazel on our patio. :)

Emily said...

Oh and your belly is so cute! You look great in your suit.

a little water said...

you guys look great! it's fun to see you from the front in your suit. looks like such a fun weeding.

gloria said...

thanks, these were so fun to look at, really cool dance floor. YOu all look so great!!!!thanks, lovegg