Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mickey Mouse!

In the mornings Mickey Mouse comes on our TV. It's usually at a time when we both need to get something done (or are in a language lesson), so Aashini now loves Mickey. The other day (it was one of the holiday days) they had a big display set up in our mall for Hong Kong Disney. Aashini was so excited when she saw Mickey! It's funny, the first thing she did when she saw him was to touch his feet (which is a way to show respect here). It made me laugh :)
Then she realized that Minnie was there too and went running over there!
She thought that Minnie was so cool!
She loved Mickey's chin and the buttons on his pants... it was pretty funny :)
After a while of walking back and forth, she stood next to Minnie and didn't leave her side until we told her it was time to go :)
That might have been a boring blog post - but I thought it was cute :) haha!


Emily said...

I think it was cute, too! So when she touched his feet, was it because of the respect thing, or did she just happen to touch that first? I'm curious the things TCKs pick up!

gloria said...

Awhh, I bet she would go crazy for Disney World now. thanks