Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mela Fun!

I took a funny belly picture today :) I'll explain the Disney part in the next post, but thought I'd post the belly picture part of it before I'm further along (if that makes sense). Here's 32.5 weeks! (I love how Minnie is pointing at my belly :))
Last night we went to a Diwali Mela (Fair) in our neighborhood (I wrote more about it on the other blog if you're interested) :). Aashini is finally big enough to ride on a lot of the rides, so that was fun for us as well as her. She loved this ride!
It's just a bunch of cars that go around in a circle (man-powered).
She didn't want to get off!! She loved it!
There was a booth there that had diyas (lights/lamp) that kids could paint. Aashini thought it was AWESOME! She was so cute painting. She painted so carefully and everyone watching was amazed and how meticulous she was painting. It was funny!
Here's her diya :) I think she did a good job :)
Holiday time is fun!!


Brandon and April said...

She did do a great job painting!!
Her hair is getting so long too! Seems like it's growing fast now!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I know! I'm so excited! It's finally growing!

Emily said...

Great diya!! Good choice for colors, Aash. :)
You're right, that's great that Minnie is pointing at your belly. That belly pic is the best representation of your family - a Florida attraction in South Asia...sounds like the Shefs to me! :)

gloria said...

YOur belly and you look so beautiful!!!!!
Aashini definetly has artistic potential. (I think she gets that from you!)
Her hair is so sweet and fine, really growing!!!!