Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Goofball :)

Aashini is quite the little goofball! She is constantly cracking me up! The picture below cracks me up :) Her hair is growing and getting pretty crazy some days :)
Here's one of my favorite goofy things... she LOVES stickers! I'll put them on her shirt or hand if I give them to her, but her favorite place to put a sticker is on her face :) haha! It cracks me up! Every time I give her a sticker, she automatically puts it on her face :)
Last night we were out buying a new phone (for me) :) so we needed her to be able to sit in her stroller and entertain herself for a little bit, so we gave her some stickers (they came her her Mosters vs. Aliens Happy Meal :)). After a few minutes, this is what she looked like :) She got a lot of stares and laughs - it was hilarious :)
I love that she cracks me up! :)


Emily said...

haha!!! That is REALLY funny! I wonder why she does that? Kids are hilarious.

Erin G said...

her eyes look so BLUE in those shots!

Jeremy's fam said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first photo. GORGEOUS!

a little water said...

she seems like a funny, funny girl!

gloria said...

Her hair is getting so long. She really is such a beauty and so funny!!!! Her eyes are so incredible in the first pic. lovegg