Monday, October 26, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was Aashini's first day of school!! Well, today started the acclimation week. She'll officially start next week, but this week we go with her for an hour or two each day to help her get used to it. She didn't need us, she LOVED it! She got to play in the balls again:
The whole school is covered in mirror walls. They have some education theory behind it (something to do with kids and their moods and they'll change their mood if they look in the mirror and see their sad face... something like that). Anyway, Aashini loves the mirror and is constantly looking at herself in it :)

Here is one of her buddies that started this week too (her batch-mate). Her hair clips cracked me up!!!
Aashini got to play on the computer (which she loved!).
They had snack/lunch time. Most people here eat breakfast at 6 am or so and then eat a snack type lunch at 10:30 or so and then eat another lunch at 2:00... so she gets to eat at school too. They gave the kids roti and a paneer dish. Today she learned how to eat South Asian food! She tore off her piece of roti and scooped up her paneer and ate it! It was awesome!
She normally won't eat any sort of bread, but she LOVED this and kept saying: "roti yummy!". I was so proud :)
They got to go outside and have dance time - it's so cute! They turn on the music and dance! Then they got to play all around the outside area. Aashini was really into exploring and at one time a bunch of kids followed her around :)
Of course Aashini got to slide (one of her favorite things) :)
Then we left. She talked about school the whole way home :) I'd ask her what she did at school today and she would say: "Boys, girls, boys, girls, balls, school fun" :)

We got all her school books today, her cover-up thing (for painting and messy days) and her school backpack. All of the kids have the same backpack and they bring it to school everyday. It's cute :)
Although it's only been one day, it's been GREAT! She loves it and has been talking about it all day. She was in a good mood all day too. It's awesome!!


Erin G said...

they brought her a desk AND they have a computer in her classroom? wow. I'm impressed with this school. :)

Carrie said...

That is awesome that she loves the school!!!! I'm sure it makes it easier on you and Adam with leaving her!

Joy said...

It is funny how peer pressure helps kids eat other kids wouldn't eat sambar with rice until they saw all the kids taking it to school! Now they want it. :) The school looks like such a blessing for her!

Emily said...

I want Hazel to be classmates with Aashini. :( I know she'll continue to enjoy it, and you'll like the moments of free time to bond with Pop Rock!

Della said...

Fantastic!! I'm so glad she enjoyed it so much. Cool idea about the mirrors.

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Tell us more about preschool. Is she going full-time every day? I am thinking about putting Archie in one part time - can't decide. Cute pics.

The Shanks said...

Oh...our little girls are growing up! I almost broke into tears when I saw the backpack picture. Two years?? Really? How did it go by soo fast? Hannah has been going to "school" at Mother's Day Out and she loves it...but every time I leave her my heart kind of breaks. Will that feeling ever stop? ugh!