Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aashini's Wedding Fun :)

Here's a few Aashini pics from the wedding ;) She had a blast! In the pic below you can see her fun shoes with the curly toes :)
This picture makes me laugh! It was hot and she was running all around :)
So, weddings and the main events usually happen at night so that everyone can be there and it's a little cooler. That is great, BUT not so great for a tired toddler! This is actually a pic from the Talik ceremony. It's nice because at most events there are mats on the floor, so Aashini took advantage of that (very lady-like as well) :) haha!
This is at the actual wedding. She got tired really fast (She usually goes to sleep at 7:00ish, but this part of the wedding didn't even start until about 9:00).
Look at that tired girl :) haha!
Finally she hit the wall! We were staying our friend's house (S&S) so Adam took her back to their house to sleep while we stayed up all night at the wedding :)
Weddings are fun! haha!


Emily said...

Her turquoise suit is adorable!! I bet that was so hard to narrow down, I bet they had too many to choose from. :) Does she have narrow feet? I bought some jutis for Hazel to wear, and the length is right, but they are WAYYY to narrow for her foot, so she'll never be able to wear them. :( Also, you look beautiful! I love your suit. Pop Rock is a cute accessory. :)

Spencer and Kari said...

Hey, I don't know if it's just my computer but the writing is in white and I am having a really hard time reading it on the tan background. If no one else has mentioned it maybe it's just me. I love the pics and reading about all the wedding traditions on your other interesting!

gloria said...

Shes so adorable in her outfits!!!!You look great too!!!thanks!lovegg