Saturday, October 24, 2009


Most of you know by now though our newsletter that Aashini is about to start preschool (if you don't get our newsletter and want to, let me know and send me your email!) :)
This week is her trial week, where we take her for about 30-45 min a day and we stay with her for the first week to help acclimate to the school. She probably won't need this, but it will be fun for us :) haha!

We weren't sure about starting her in pre-school so early. Most kids start at age 2 here, but that seemed early to us. Then we started thinking about it...
Aashini has soooo much energy these days and once the baby comes I'm afraid she won't have a good way to get out that energy. She LOVES to play with other kids and she doesn't always get the chance to do that. Those are just a few of the reasons. One of the BIG reasons is that we REALLY want her to learn Hindi as early as possible (so that she can learn it without actually having to LEARN it - if that makes sense) :) So, for us this seems like a great thing! This school teaches in both Hindi & English, and most of the kids speak Hindi so she should learn pretty quickly.

We were at a Diwali Fair the other day and there were people from a school there that we talked to... school names here crack me up. This school is called Mother's Pride :) haha!
We decided to visit them a couple of days later and just check it out. They let Aashini run around to the different classrooms and play around while we talked to the teachers. Aashini LOVED it! She didn't want to leave! After we learned about the school we decided to do it! :) They do a mix of the Montessori system and the Australian system. It seems really cool. Here's a picture of Aashini at the school. She LOVED the desk! (she looks grumpy in this pic because we were telling her it was time to go :)).
A few days later, after we signed up for the school, they brought a gift to our house for Aashini. They brought her this desk! (Don't look at her clothes in the next pictures, Adam dressed her... a pajama top and a skirt - haha!). She LOVES the desk and keeps talking about school!
Her hair is funny these days. It's finally growing but it's pretty crazy :) It makes me smile :) Here she is at her desk :)
So, on Monday we do the "trial week" and then Nov 2 she starts school!!!
I'm sure we'll have TONS of stories to share about that :) It's going to be fun!


Kelley said...

That is really exciting and I can't wait to hear all the fun adventures you will have because of A being in school. Crazy that she's old enough!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! I know! It will be quite interesting :)

Erin G said...

we thought that 2 was young to be in preschool, too... we didn't think nathan could handle the "structure" part. But with a new baby on the way, we decided the same as you -- it was worth a try!!

I think it's awesome you're doing this! And I bet you're right about the Hindi thing, she'll learn it way faster, and you'd much rather her acquire it than have to LEARN it.

Will she go every day?

I cannot believe they brought her a DESK.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! I know! We were surprised about the desk :)
The school is 9:30-12:30 Mon-Fri... most kids go all 5 days. We're not sure what we'll do. We'll see how she does first (and how well we do!) :)

gloria said...

WOw, How exciting, shes going to have so much fun. I would love to be a fly on the wall.
That was so thoughtful and generous to bring her the desk. Shes going to be a very busy girl. So precious. thanx!lovegg