Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Months!

Diya is 10 months old now! She's a fun little girl. She's been crawling about a month now (I forgot to post about that before - Dengue kinda messed up that post) :) You can see a video at the bottom of the post :) Anyway, Diya is a lot of fun. She doesn't have any teeth yet! Every day I think that a tooth is coming in, but it never does! :) Here are Diya and Aashini (left) at 10 months.
She's a funny little girl :)
Aashini wanted to take a couple of picture with Diya, but she didn't last very long so I only got a couple :)
I like this picture :)
Here is a random video of Diya. You can see her crawl for just a minute. I like her "crawling style" :) She's fun :) She usually crawls with her feet in such a way so that she can sit at any minute - it cracks me up :) I'll try to get a better video later, my camera ran out of juice when I was videoing this :) Anyway, Happy 10 months Diya!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Diya makes some of the best faces :) She really cracks me up :)
Diya is a really sweet girl! She's been "talking" a ton lately! She said her first "real" word (other than da da da) this past Friday on Adam's Birthday - she said "Daddy" :) Cute hunh? :) Now she says Daddy and Diya :)

Diya still sleeps in our room. When she wakes up she likes to smoosh her face against the side :) It's funny :) You can sort of see it in the picture below. The thing on top of her bed is a mosquito net (so we don't stress about mosquitoes while she's sleeping :)
Diya loves her dolls :) She loves to hug dolls and talk to them :) I think it's so cute :)
She sleeps with a stuffed bunny every night... here's the bunny "taking a bath" the other day :)
Diya is one funny sweet girl :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


On Saturday we took Aashini out to the mall to eat hoping she would eat more - she hasn't quite gotten her appetite back yet from the dengue. Anyway, we got there and gave her the choice of pizza or South Asian food. She chose South Asian food hands down! She was soooo hungry! She said: "Mommy, buy my food - I'm so hungry!!" I got her an aloo parantha (potato filled flat bread) and some chole (chick peas). She chowed down! She finally has her appetite back!
This picture made me laugh! She was so hungry and was just shoveling the food into her mouth :)
Adam bought a masala lemonade for some reason. It's salty lemonade with black salt and roasted cumin seeds, chat masala and other stuff in it. I can't stand the stuff and Adam didn't like it either but Aashini wanted it and drank almost the whole thing! She's a little South Asian Girl :)
Diya has been eating a lot more finger foods lately. She really likes rice. Since garlic keeps the mosquitoes away, we've been giving her garlic rice and she loves it :)
This face cracks me up :) I love it :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Don't Like Mosquitoes...

The past couple of weeks we've been battling Dengue in our house... Dengue is not cool! If you want to read about dengue then click HERE. Aashini's school called us last Monday and told us she was feeling bad and we should come get her. We went to school and one of the classroom helpers was standing in the lobby holding her - she looked pitiful!!! We took her home and held her while she watched some cartoons. Her fever got REALLY high. At one point it jumped up to 106 and we quickly took her to the shower and showered her off and gave her a Popsicle. She got down to 104. (The next couple of days she stayed at 103 and 104 - WITH Tylenol - it was quite scary.)
We took her to the doctor that night and he said he thought she had Dengue, so we got some bloodwork done to check for Dengue and to check for some other things. I was pretty sure it was Dengue because her face was bright red! Having a red face is a sign of dengue. Her face and eyes were so red! I couldn't capture it in pictures very well (and she wasn't really in the mood to have her picture taken), but I got a couple. The bloodwork confirmed Dengue. Since Dengue is a virus, there isn't much you can do as far as medicine and things like that. We just kept her fever down (as best we could) and gave her Tylenol and some Papaya Leaf Juice (see the other blog HERE to read about that).
Look at her poor little red face! She would feel good for about 30 minutes to an hour after the new dose of Tylenol kicked in, so I got a few smiles :)
Thankfully she is doing much better now - PTL!! Thanks for praying for her!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

9 Months!

Diya is 9 months!! Whoo hoo! I'm late in posting these pictures (again) but here they are! I took Aashini's 9 month pictures in this same dress. I thought it would be fun. It's a dress my mom made. Both me and my sister wore it :) I need to find a picture and post it too :) Anyway, here is Diya in the dress :)
Here are Aashini and Diya with the bear at 9 months! I think they look so different! What do you think? For more 9 months pictures of Aashini, you can click here.
We took Aashini's 9 month pictures with bubbles, so I thought it would be fun to do Diya's that way too... It was hard to find a day that wasn't raining so that we could do it though (it's a crazy monsoon season!) haha!
This is a new funny face that Diya has been making :)
She LOVED the bubbles :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun Weekend :)

This past weekend we went out to a mall we hadn't been to before. There's a city about 45 minutes away from us that has TONS of malls! This mall had an amazing play place! It had a HUGE arcade, bumper cars, carnival-type rides and a big play area with slides! Aashini was a little small for a lot of those things, but she LOVED the bumper cars! The balloon ride (below) was something she wanted to try :)At first she had a really intense face as we were riding...
...but then she LOVED it! :) It was a lot of fun!
Afterwards they played in a play area that was more Aashini's age. Both girls had a blast!
The next day after chuch, we went to the mall for lunch and then played at the play area there. It had this really fun waterbed thing to jump on :)
Aashini thought it was awesome :)
The girls sea-sawed together and Diya just laughed and laughed! Diya is soooo happy when she's around Aashini. She LOVES playing with Aashini and being around her - it's adorable!
It's so cute :)
Weekend play-times are fun!! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We end up picking Aashini up from school about the same time as her buddy Aryan a lot of days. They have a lot of fun together. They love to hold hands and walk to the cars :)
They're cute :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Aashini's buddy Jackson had a birthday the other day :)
It was a fun party! There were a lot of fun kiddos there to play with. A lot of people were in town having babies, so there were lots of kids and babies! Aashini got to play with little CB for the first time and she loved playing with her.
They played "Pin the Fin on the Shark"... It was so cute... but Aashini couldn't understand why she needed to cover her eyes!
At the end, the kids all piled one a bed and watched Nemo :) It was fun :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Buddies :)

Aashini has so much fun with her school buddies :) It's awesome :) The other day after school we let Aashini play a little more at the school playground-type area. Some of her friends got to do the same - it was fun :) This is her buddy Vania :)
Isn't Vania cute? :)
Diya wanted in on the fun too :)
The girls were keeping the boys out of the house :) haha!
This is her buddy Aryan. She has a lot of fun with him.
This is another one of her friends - Fatika. She's a cutie :)
Aashini loves her school and all her little buddies in it :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Babies :)

A few of our friends have been in town having babies lately. A few weeks ago we were together and I took a few pictures :) Here are the boys showing off their baby bellies :)
I love jumping pictures, so I had to get a picture of the prego girls jumping :)
Here they are jumping again... but WITH their babies! They all had their baby boys within days of each other - how fun!
Aren't they cute! :)