Sunday, September 19, 2010


On Saturday we took Aashini out to the mall to eat hoping she would eat more - she hasn't quite gotten her appetite back yet from the dengue. Anyway, we got there and gave her the choice of pizza or South Asian food. She chose South Asian food hands down! She was soooo hungry! She said: "Mommy, buy my food - I'm so hungry!!" I got her an aloo parantha (potato filled flat bread) and some chole (chick peas). She chowed down! She finally has her appetite back!
This picture made me laugh! She was so hungry and was just shoveling the food into her mouth :)
Adam bought a masala lemonade for some reason. It's salty lemonade with black salt and roasted cumin seeds, chat masala and other stuff in it. I can't stand the stuff and Adam didn't like it either but Aashini wanted it and drank almost the whole thing! She's a little South Asian Girl :)
Diya has been eating a lot more finger foods lately. She really likes rice. Since garlic keeps the mosquitoes away, we've been giving her garlic rice and she loves it :)
This face cracks me up :) I love it :)


Carrie said...

I can't say I know many children who would turn down pizza! I'm impressed!!!!

Brandy said...

I love that she chooses Indian! That's awesome!

Emily said...

Way to go Aashini, choosing those paranthas! That's so awesome how she's so South Asian that she gets the "refreshing" taste of masala lemonade. :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

What sweet girls! The bangles and the local cuisine with the blonde curls just about sum it up! Precious! Glad she's will definitely help get her all the way over the dengue bump!

Christine said...

I love pictures of your kids eating. sweet babies.