Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Months!

Diya is 10 months old now! She's a fun little girl. She's been crawling about a month now (I forgot to post about that before - Dengue kinda messed up that post) :) You can see a video at the bottom of the post :) Anyway, Diya is a lot of fun. She doesn't have any teeth yet! Every day I think that a tooth is coming in, but it never does! :) Here are Diya and Aashini (left) at 10 months.
She's a funny little girl :)
Aashini wanted to take a couple of picture with Diya, but she didn't last very long so I only got a couple :)
I like this picture :)
Here is a random video of Diya. You can see her crawl for just a minute. I like her "crawling style" :) She's fun :) She usually crawls with her feet in such a way so that she can sit at any minute - it cracks me up :) I'll try to get a better video later, my camera ran out of juice when I was videoing this :) Anyway, Happy 10 months Diya!


Emily said...

I couldn't see the video. The picture of the back of your girls could pretty much be my girls. :)

Carrie said...

Love the pictures! I didn't see the video either.