Monday, September 13, 2010

9 Months!

Diya is 9 months!! Whoo hoo! I'm late in posting these pictures (again) but here they are! I took Aashini's 9 month pictures in this same dress. I thought it would be fun. It's a dress my mom made. Both me and my sister wore it :) I need to find a picture and post it too :) Anyway, here is Diya in the dress :)
Here are Aashini and Diya with the bear at 9 months! I think they look so different! What do you think? For more 9 months pictures of Aashini, you can click here.
We took Aashini's 9 month pictures with bubbles, so I thought it would be fun to do Diya's that way too... It was hard to find a day that wasn't raining so that we could do it though (it's a crazy monsoon season!) haha!
This is a new funny face that Diya has been making :)
She LOVED the bubbles :)


Karen said...

I love her toes in the last photo :) Both of your girls are gorgeous.

Anthony & Sharon said...

Her toes and feet in the last one! And yes, they do look different, but you can tell they're sisters!

Emily said...

Slight resemblence, but very slight! I like that we both had girls that don't really look alike. :) And your pics...WOW Andrea, they get better and better! That first one needs to be enlarged and framed!

Sara Beth said...

Don't look too much alike do they?? She's so cute! Love the pointed toes!!