Friday, September 24, 2010


Diya makes some of the best faces :) She really cracks me up :)
Diya is a really sweet girl! She's been "talking" a ton lately! She said her first "real" word (other than da da da) this past Friday on Adam's Birthday - she said "Daddy" :) Cute hunh? :) Now she says Daddy and Diya :)

Diya still sleeps in our room. When she wakes up she likes to smoosh her face against the side :) It's funny :) You can sort of see it in the picture below. The thing on top of her bed is a mosquito net (so we don't stress about mosquitoes while she's sleeping :)
Diya loves her dolls :) She loves to hug dolls and talk to them :) I think it's so cute :)
She sleeps with a stuffed bunny every night... here's the bunny "taking a bath" the other day :)
Diya is one funny sweet girl :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

I love all the faces! In some of them she looks like Aashini and in all of them she looks like Adam! Too cute!

Brandy said...

So fun....and she's super cute too!!!

Emily said...

Yeah, the top middle picture of her on that collage looks a lot like Aashini at that age! But the rest don't! That's so funny.