Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goofy Girls :)

I love my goofy girls! They're so fun! :) The other day Aashini (or maybe it was Adam) put this frisbee on Diya :) She loved it and it cracked me up :)
It's been raining a LOT lately! Aashini was playing in the rain on the porch the other day and kept doing "exercises". She would put her head on the ground with everything else up in the air :) haha! It was hilarious (especially with the mismatched shoes) :)
They crack me up :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

Cute! In Malaysia they call what Aashini is doing "Cari Adik" (charee ah-deek) means, "searching for little brother/sister." And they'll tell you you need to have another baby if they see one of your kids doing that! Though, I guess you've already taken care of that... maybe she was just looking for Diya? Now if Diya starts doing it....

Emily said...

Those are really cute pictures! Is Aashini's outfit from FabIndia? Do they still sell kids clothes? I think that might be one of the places I need to hit up next year!