Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun Weekend :)

This past weekend we went out to a mall we hadn't been to before. There's a city about 45 minutes away from us that has TONS of malls! This mall had an amazing play place! It had a HUGE arcade, bumper cars, carnival-type rides and a big play area with slides! Aashini was a little small for a lot of those things, but she LOVED the bumper cars! The balloon ride (below) was something she wanted to try :)At first she had a really intense face as we were riding...
...but then she LOVED it! :) It was a lot of fun!
Afterwards they played in a play area that was more Aashini's age. Both girls had a blast!
The next day after chuch, we went to the mall for lunch and then played at the play area there. It had this really fun waterbed thing to jump on :)
Aashini thought it was awesome :)
The girls sea-sawed together and Diya just laughed and laughed! Diya is soooo happy when she's around Aashini. She LOVES playing with Aashini and being around her - it's adorable!
It's so cute :)
Weekend play-times are fun!! :)


Brandy said...

So fun! I miss the malls there already!

Emily said...

That looks like SO much fun!! I love it that your girls have fun together.
(Looking at these pics, we just had this conversation:)
Hazel: Looks, it's me!
Me: No, who is that?
H: It's Aashini! Aashini so happy!
Me: Yeah! And that's Aashini's little sister, Diya.
H: Diya. That my little sister, too!

So Hazel has officially claimed Diya. :)

Carrie said...

Such sweet girls!!!! The water bed thing looks fun!