Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had quite a few funny pictures that I thought definitely needed posting :) I like to call them the "outtakes" :) haha! Remember that awesome rangoli that our friends the Washas made? Well, it was very tempting for a 2 year old :) After looking at it for a few days, she decided that she ought to play with it :) She had a lot of fun! :)
We have a couple of hats for Diya that are from a store here called "Mothercare". This store has the biggest tags for the things they make! In this pic it was hanging out of her hat and I thought she kinda looked like a rapper :) haha!
Diya always wants something in her mouth. It's funny b/c here if a baby puts their hand in their mouth, they will take it out of their mouth as fast as they can. It's a cultural thing (and I can't quite figure out why)... anyway, Diya tends to end of with something in her mouth throughout the day. This one made me laugh :)
Not sure what happened here, but it made me laugh too :)
This face cracked me up! Too funny!
Definitely more outtakes to come!


Erin G said...

1.) I can't believe Aashini went THAT long without touching the paisley on the floor!

2.) I got some mothercare stuff in Dubai and I really like it. But you're right, the tags are huge. I never noticed it before but now I will, every time I put it on the kids!

3.) Your huggies look different than ours. These are things I find interesting for some reason. :)

Hope you're feeling good and healing fast!

Emily said...

Yeah I thought you were gonna say that after a couple of minutes Aashini got into the rangoli, not a couple of DAYS. And I bet Diya makes faces long into toddler days! I love seeing pics of her!

Carrie said...

Awe Diya already has the "rocker fingers" going on!!!! She rocks! :-)

Sara Beth said...

LOVE Mothercare! Especially their portable Potette. :)

Oh and people here are the same way about hands in their mouths and always get on to me about pacis! They think it will mess up their teeth so they don't want them to suck their hands. That's all I've figured out so far.