Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Week of School! - Aashini - Prep

 Last week was Aashini's first week of Prep (Kindergarten).  She has quite the year ahead of her.  They are learning tons of new things this year.  It should be fun :)
 On the first day her backpack was SUPER full... she couldn't even stand up straight! haha! :)
 Adam taking her to school on the first day :)
 This is the sign Aashini was holding in the first picture... it was really hard to see, so here's a close-up.  You can see how she writes her name on the first day of Prep :)
 Talking to their teacher after class :) 
 This is their weekly schedule.  It looks like so much fun!  (For those that don't understand some of this... TBL is "Theme Based Learning" and Galaxy is time in the computer lab).
 She has 2 other uniforms... on Wednesdays she has Taekwondo and wears this uniform to school :)
 Fridays are "Club Days"... there are different clubs within the school.  Aashini is in the "Maestros Club".  She wears this uniform every Friday.  She'll be in the Maestros Club until she graduates.  
HaPpY First Week of School Aashini!!!!!


Emily said...

1. Is the Maestros Club a music club? And how did she choose to be in it? (or do they assign you a club? And what happens if you don't like what you chose in Prep?)
2. What is the dance?? Bollywood??? Is it weird that I'm a little jealous of a 4 year olds afternoon? haha!

Anthony & Sharon said...

If I had to do school all over again, I'd want to pick the schools your kids are going to.
They are getting so big and Aashini's hair is getting so long! Gorgeous girls!!!