Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Week of School - Diya - Pre-Nursery

 Diya has had one full week of Pre-Nursery now!  She loves her teachers and is having a lot of fun :)
 I love jumping pictures :)  (this one is kind-of a "pre-jump") :)
 All ready for school!! :)
 Going to school!
 Walking with Dad to school :)
 Here's Diya in her Taekwondo uniform :)  She does it one day a week also :)


Emily said...

It's amazing how big she looks all of a sudden, now that she's wearing a backpack! And even though they don't look alike, somehow they look alike. Makes a ton of sense, huh? :)

Erin G said...

whoa I didn't used to think they looked too much alike, but here they TOTALLY do. Also when did Diya become a big girl? She's Anneliese's age and for sure Anneliese is still a baby FOR SURE DO NOT TAKE THIS FROM ME OH NO MY BABY IS A BIG GIRL TOO *sobs*

anyway your children are both beautiful and seeing them grow up online is awesome. :)