Friday, April 13, 2012

CDC Family Picnic :)

Just before the weather started getting hot (I know! I waited too long to post it!), the kid's group at CDC (the chuch we go to) had a family picnic :)  Our girls LOVE picnics!  
 Aashini LOVES playing in the dirt and getting to eat lots of chips  and Diya loves getting a juice box :) haha!
 We had a lot of fun!  The kiddos had a lot of fun playing games.  Here they are playing Sharks and Minnows.
 Aashini LOVED it!  She really got into it :)
 cute :)
 Aashini's face here is cracking me up :)
 Hearing the instructions for the next game :)
 Diya being goofy!
 Doing a relay race :)
 They were supposed to run sideways, but Aashini ended up dragging her friend :) haha! :)

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Emily said...

haha! That last picture/story made me laugh. :)